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tarot reading

Be guided by the wisdom in the cards with a Tarot Therapist.

Tarot is a tool for spiritual guidance that enables the person receiving the reading to connect to their inner wisdom.

Gain insight into a situation or specific question and determine the best course of action based on what is known and what the cards reveal.

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Lauren Schwartz Ryman

The ancient tarot is a way to connect to your spirit. I have been using the tarot for over a decade to help remind me of my connection to the natural world and help me rediscover myself. When we forget who we are, we suffer. The tarot reminds and empowers us to reach our destiny. It reflects the messages from our hearts and tells us the story of now. It is our messenger and reveals our true essence when we need reminding. 
I am grateful to be of service to those who want to bring to service the wisdom of tarot. 

Life is a journey.


To Book with Lauren, 

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"the cards show me what your heart speaks"

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