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sugaring hair removal

Sugaring Hair removal

BRAZILIANS.  Body.  FACE.  Brows.

Using organic sugaring paste, we remove all different types of unwanted hair

from your toes to your ears

gently and swiftly

Honey bee Pink Wood Sorrel

 We strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your visit to the spa; we understand that hair removal can be a personal experience.   Each treatment room is designed to give you the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible.  Having over twelve years of experience removing hair, we will do our very best to meet your needs leaving you with calm, smooth hairless skin.

It is best to exfoliate the skin if you are having hair removed from anywhere other than the face before coming.

The best hair length for hair removal is no shorter than 1/4 inch.

At Pure Skin Spa, we use Organic Sugaring paste over other traditional waxes.  It is 100% compostable and recyclable—the most eco-friendly form of hair removal, with no chemicals, no waste.

 This makes the bees in our garden very happy!

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