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At Pure Skin Spa, we support our local artists.

These beautiful artists bring us magic with their creations,

bringing beauty to your holistic spa experience.

elle hanley photography


Elle Hanley is a self-taught American fine art photographer currently living and working in Seattle. Her work is alluring and unexpected, focusing mainly on capturing beauty and emotion in a still shot of time.

Elle enjoys the challenges in creating something classic and timeless from a thoroughly modern process and the contradiction between the two is a strong theme throughout her work.   

One of her largest accomplishments is the completion of a long-duration art project - 365 she worked on throughout 2011.  a photo a day, for an entire year.    Always working on several projects and bringing new and intriguing characters to life to photograph.  

"My images capture rarely viewed or imagined moments and environments and present them to the viewer in a new and interesting way. As an artist, I want each image to cause an emotional reaction and make the viewer want to become a part of their perception.  to suspend disbelief or want to know the entire story behind an image. Inspiration comes to me through color, texture, and nature as well as the delicate balance between them all.  I am also intrigued by the natural tension that exists between the human form and the space which it both occupies and is contained by. capturing that freedom or restriction inside a frame and holding it before the viewer are what my images undertake."


"Within my shooting and editing processes, I evoke a timeless feeling creating something original yet timeworn and more like a rendering of a painting often complete with brushstrokes and canvas texture.  like a relic of a time no longer definable."  

Visit Elle Hanley here
elle hanley original art
Claire mack original art


visit Claire Macks website here

"In my work, I portray figurative images, symbolic beings that represent my inner experience and life process.  More often than not, I am working intuitively, letting the images take shape as I go; thus, each piece is unique, connected by the thread of my spirit and surroundings.  I also use imagery from nature, which is a continual source of inspiration and healing energy. As an artist, I hope to provide a common visual language that is both provocative and soothing to those who resonate with my work."

illuminated earth oracle
claire mack original art
Faceted Garden Deck

Traditionally used for divination, oracle cards are a contemporary tool many enjoy for self-reflection, contemplation, and guidance.  This vibrant, hand-painted, and collaged deck of 63 cards combines concepts of the human experience with the beauty and mystery of the natural world.  Each card is intuitively rendered, offering a unique perspective on both practical and metaphysical matters.  Woven within the deck are 12 of my figurative pieces which represent the human element of the seeker here on Earth, whose journey takes them on a path of illumination.  Includes a 24-page booklet with topics of contemplation for each card.  


turquiose necklace champange hydrangea
garnet moonstone aquamarine

"My jewelry is an expression of whom I am, weaving the elements of my life in every twist and turn. Gemstones ignite healing; their power is transformative. Their vibration interacts with your vibration, bringing clarity, openness, and love. This is why I create my jewelry. When I connect with Ruby it is because I am creating a piece that reflects the beauty of the heart. When I am in need of an energetic boost, I turn to Citrine to ignite my fire and cleanse my soul. I look to the moonstone when I need to calm my emotions and tap into my feminine energies. It is through the powerful gemstones, my designs are created, and show me the way. Giving me strength to work with people and help in their own healing process. Making jewelry is what fuels my inner spirit and grounds my soul. It is an expression of the beauty I try to put out into our world and the prayers in my heart."

Moon Stone Necklace

Medicine Jewelry

Peach Moon Stone

Modern jewelry

inspired by Mother Earth

healing vibrations

are housed within each gemstone

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