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Reiki Energy Healing





physical healing

surrender. Align. Balance. Feel better.

Reiki PureSkinSpa

benefits of REiki

What To Expect

How To Prepare

It is best to wear light, comfortable clothing for your appointment. 

You will relax on a massage table during your treatment.  Your Reiki session can be enhanced by incorporating

soothing sound,  vibrational crystals,

stones, pure essential oils, or light touch.

Everything is up to you. 

You might feel sensations like heat,

tingling, or pulsing in areas throughout

your body.  Some people get so relaxed

that they fall asleep.

At times an individual receiving Reiki can be overcome with emotion.  We provide you with a calm relaxing atmosphere to feel safe and comfortable. A Reiki session is approximately 50 minutes. 

Reduces physical and
emotional stress

Relieves anxiety, pain,
and depression

Relieves mental and
physical fatigue

Induces deep relaxation

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